SMOKE collective


François Bodeux (B) / Laëtitia Donval (F) / Roger Guaus (Cat) / Maki (F) / Monia Montali (It/BE) /

Jukka Onnela (Fin) / Idalina Pedrosa (PT/FR)


Smoke was a collective of seven european photographers, it was active in between 2007 and 2012. They have developed a common work through exhibitions, residencies and publications in Europe and Canada.

At SMOKE, we are both friends and individuals who share the idea that photography is not meant to produce meanings. We use photography as a tool to recreate the feeling of physically being in this world.

Beside a very different production, concerning style and aesthetic, we believe images have their own strength regardless of all conceptual assertions. We see cameras as an instrument of confrontation with ourselves and an occasion of questioning us about our environment. We feel very close to a kind of organic photography, a sort of infinite extension of our link to existence.





The installation 56m2 have been created for the 7th Biennial of Liège around the theme Out of Control. A reduced version of 9m2 have been exhibited the same year at Centre Wallonie Bruxelles de Paris.

« Le collectif SMOKE, qui présente une grande fresque, une mosaïque d'images, rassemble sept photographes qui partagent la même vision de la photo : une pratique qui doit rendre à l'image sa force émotionnelle. C'est un travail très impressionnant, très dur, qui pourra choquer certaines personnes, mais qui était pour nous essentiel. Le collectif SMOKE est tout entier investi dans la recherche d'une frontalité vitale, d'une confrontation qui ne se voile pas la face. Là encore, l'aspect monumental de l'oeuvre a tout son sens : elle nous engloutit, vient nous chercher très loin du cérébral et du politiquement correct. »

Anne-Françoise Lesuisse - Artistic director of BIP2010, Liège




56 m2, 2010

Inkjet prints on Blue Back paper, directly glued on the wall

56 m2 on two walls 4X7 mt - Editing: François Bodeux

Exhibition view of  Out of Control, BIP2010, 7th Biennale de la photographie et des arts visuels, MAMAC, Liège




9 m2, 2010

Inkjet prints on Blue Back paper, directly glued on the wall

9 m2 on one wall of de 3x3 mt - Editing : François Bodeux

Exhibition view of Les (Incontrôlés), 19th November 2010 - 20th February 2011, Centre Wallonie Bruxelles, Paris






Without title #2, 2011

10', format 4:3

Editing : Roger Guaus








Smoke #1, 2011


39 pictures, B&W and color , 52 pages, 17X23,5cm

Offset printing, 500 copies,

Images Smoke collective: François Bodeux, Laëtitia Donval, Roger Guaus, Maki, Monia Montali, Jukka Onnela, Idalina Pedrosa

Editing: Laëtitia Donval


The pictures are the one of our different living cities (Bruxelles, Bretagne, Catalonia, Marseille, Helsinki, Porto). It's an attempt to tie our fragmented photographic experiences despite the geographical dispersion.

In here, people seem to be unable to gaze at the camera, withdrawn into themselves, they seem to have lost the grasp of outside world. The surroundings appear to be as scattered as their inhabitants. From restlessness to quietness, it reveals a suspended existence, dreamy and real, on the edge of dreariness.





2012  Atelier De Visu, Marseille (France).

2012  La Nuit de l’instant - Les ateliers de l’image de Marseille (France).

2011  Durango, Festival de photographie de Valence (Espagne).

2010  Les (in)contrôlés, Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles à Paris (France).

2010  Balladas del Ciclope, Festival de Photographie de Séville (Espagne).

2010  Out of Control - 7ème Biennale Internationale de Photographie de Liège (Belgique).

2007  IndexG/ Lee Ka Sing Gallery (Toronto, Canada).

2007  Rencontres Internationales de la photographie de Arles– Autour des rencontres (France).

2007  Rencontres de la Jeune Photographie Internationale de Niort (France).

2007  Galerie Neunplus (Berlin).