Concept Monia Montali & Francois Bodeux

Performance and creation  Jef Stevens, Ibai Harrison-Kerr Alberdi

Sound composition Miquel Casaponsa

Production  Blueback asbl

Co-production  workspacebrussels, Les Brigittines, Charleroi Danses

With the support of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Service général des Arts de la Scène -

Secteur de l’interdisciplinaire

Duration  50 min



Till finally you hear how words are coming to an end. With every inane word a little nearer to the last. And how the fable too. The fable of one with you in the dark. The fable of one fabling of one with you in the dark. And how better in the end labour lost and silence. And you as you always were.


                                   Company, Samuel Beckett




Company is the second part of a work around Samuel Beckett texts. It follows on from the previous performance Wavering Abode.

In the Beckett’s homonym text «a voice comes to one on his back in the dark. Imagine. To one on his back in the dark».

On stage, inside a “room”, an old man devises it all to keep himself for company. It arises the image of a fragmented subject, a schizophrenic figure who refuses to say “I” and prefers to use the third person to try to become a oneself narrator.

The stage work takes shape freely around the figures and images released by the text. Images which then leave us to face the whole ambiguity and uncetainty of our human condition.