Concept and set design : Monia Montali & Francois Bodeux

Choreography : Monia Montali

Light design : François Bodeux

Distribution : on going

Production:  Blueback asbl

Co-production:  Les Brigittines, Charleroi Danses (co-production on going)

Première: November 2018 - Les Brigittines



After Wavering Abode (2010) and Company (2015), Ill Seen is the final part of a trilogy inspired by the last Samuel Beckett texts.  His writing, at first sight, brings out the despair of the human condition, of wanting to grasp, understand and control everything until finally only doubts and uncertainties subsist. Unless to close the eyes, to know one moment of chimeras. Unless to faint into the void, into silence and immobility. Know happiness.

With Ill seen, even more so than the two previous performances, they want to explore this void, this intense white. The figures of the previous performances – an old man, a young woman and two children – meet together onstage without coexisting or letting themselves be grasped. It's more their inner path, our path and the way we perceive that is in question. A visibility which correspond with the intimate act to close the eyelids and to open the gaze to the land of dreams and, maybe, of appeasement.