Based in Brussels and Liege, Monia Montali and François Bodeux have built a career connected to dance, photography, and sociology. Since 2010, they have been developing a joint stage work, in which choreography, theatre, visual and sound arts coexist.

For the stage, they jointly created Wavering Abode, Company, and ILL Seen, a trilogy around some of Samuel Beckett’s last texts.

Their stage work has been previously coproduced by Les Brigittines, Charleroi Danse, workspacebrussels, BUDA Kortrijk, WP Zimmer, Pianofabriek, and La Coop (Belgian government tax Shelter). It has been supported by WBI, WBTD, and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (Interdisciplinary Commission on Performing Arts).



Their plays are continuously run through with a form of starkness, suspension, fragility, and abandonment. They seek to question our «being in the world», our resilience, and our private showdown with emptiness and the void.

Their approach is based on the concept of a staged image. For them, the challenge is not to present a story, but to generate a unique space for perception, into which everyone can throw themselves and question their own gaze. It is an approach in which each stage language jointly participates in the theatrical writing.

Today, the theatrical space establishes a possibility of resistance for them, in opposition to a world increasingly engaged in simultaneity, the fragmentation of memory, and the overabundance of events. It is a place that makes it possible to offer a different experience of time, that allows our senses and thoughts to accomplish their task in peace.