Created by Monia Montali et Francois Bodeux

With Meytal Blanaru

Sound compositon Miquel Casaponsa

Choreography Monia Montali

Light design Francois Bodeux


With the support of: BudaKortrijk, Wp Zimmer, Pianofabriek

Duration 30 min





“Abode where lost bodies roam each searching for its lost one. Vast enough for search to be in vain. Narrow enough for flight to be in vain. Inside a flattened cylinder fifty metres round and eighteen high for the sake of harmony. The light. Its dimness. One body par square metre or two hundred bodies in all round numbers. If they recognize each other it does not appear. Whatever it is they are searching for it is not that”.

                                                                                                                                     The lost ones, Samuel Beckett



The performance Wavering Abode is inspired by the Beckett text The lost ones, which describes a crowd of people, inside a cylinder, in a constant and undefined search.

On stage a woman roam on a space, covered by peat, as a sort of golem seeking for it’s own shape despite its uncertainty and fragility. The space changes that occur are just variations of something that keep on repeating in a never ending process.

The images delivered on stage carry paradoxes and a simultaneity of different layers which confront the spectator to its own perception and understanding of what he sees.

A reflection on how individually we live, define and perceive the world.