“Standstill and silence, but also stuttering, stumbling and almost falling: these are so manymoments at which a flow that propelled us forward is interrupted, in which our thoughts, our senses can do their real work in peace and quiet”.

Marianne Van Kerkhoven, The ongoing moment


Monia Montali and Francois Bodeux have been developing since 2010 scenic work that lies at the boundaries of theater, dance, visual and sound arts.

Their work is shaped around a dramaturgy of image and perception. For them, the issue is to absorb different languages in order to render the scenic elements with a logic able to directly affect the audience sensations. Images of uncertainty and fragility invite us to suspend rather than to fix and to confine.

Their performances combine meticulous stage design research with choreographic work that is extremely precise. The notation of gestures, postures, actions and stillnesses very often refer to painting and photography.




Based in Bruxelles since 2001, she has worked as contemporary dancer for different artists (Romeo Castellucci, Ted Stoffer, Kendell Geers, Georgio Khumalo) and in parallel she has graduated in photography before to devote herself primarily  to her personal work for theatre and photography.In between 2007 and 2012, she was part of the international photo collective Smoke, with who she has exhibited in several festivals in Europe and in Canada. She has created severals solos for the stage, of which Type name of new folder has been finalist for the italian choreographic price GD’A Emilia- Romagna 2008. Since 2010, with the performance Wavering Abode,she has started a tight collaboration with the photographer and light designer Francois Bodeux.




He studied sociology and he worked as assistant and Php fellow in urban sociology before to fully devote himself, in 2007, to visual arts and theatre. In 2007, he co-founded Smoke, an european collective of seven photographers involved in a author documentary approach. He starts to exhibit, alone or with the collective, in different galleries and festivals, in Europe and Canada. His meeting with Monia Montali brings him in parallel to be more and more interested to contemporary dance and theatre on a artistic level as well as on the technical one. As light designer and video technician, he has worked with Manège.Mons, Ultimavez, Rosas and Charleroi-Danses.


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